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HELLOOO Nakama! (: so thanks to my magnificent mod pal, @VoidX, today's {Feel Good Friday} theme is Quotes that make you feel Good! Check out his card original here! So anyways here are mines. Trust me when I say this! This is only a small pool of quotes! I live on quotes and I only pick some animes. There are sooooo many more to choose from!
First Haikyuu!
Hinata and Nishinoya are two power houses of team Karasuno and are always sure to put a smile on their teammates! They work real hard to keep the excitement and energy up during a game!
Akatsuki no Yona! (X Hak and Jinha are hilarious! haha and they will do anything to make sure Yona is safe! They are so amazing and I look up to them!
Hak is sooo amazing haha thats all I have to say!
Yona had grown up into a strong independent princess who people can look up to for hope! She also knows how to touch the hearts of those around her.
YuYu Hakusho is also a feel good anime that always left me feeling happy and pumped!
Shokugeki no Soma is a magnificent anime that showcases yummy food but also has wonderful quotes and lessons!
These quotes certainly do make you feel good
Aww, love the Spirited Away one!
these are awesome quotes! good stuff @tbell2
These are all amazing. But I'm a holster, so I have to add my favorite personal quotes, like "people die when they are killed"
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