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HELLOOO Nakama! (: so thanks to my magnificent mod pal, @VoidX, today's {Feel Good Friday} theme is Quotes that make you feel Good! Check out his card original here! So anyways here are mines. Trust me when I say this! This is only a small pool of quotes! I live on quotes and I only pick some animes. There are sooooo many more to choose from!
First Haikyuu!
Hinata and Nishinoya are two power houses of team Karasuno and are always sure to put a smile on their teammates! They work real hard to keep the excitement and energy up during a game!
Akatsuki no Yona! (X Hak and Jinha are hilarious! haha and they will do anything to make sure Yona is safe! They are so amazing and I look up to them!
Hak is sooo amazing haha thats all I have to say!
Yona had grown up into a strong independent princess who people can look up to for hope! She also knows how to touch the hearts of those around her.
YuYu Hakusho is also a feel good anime that always left me feeling happy and pumped!
Shokugeki no Soma is a magnificent anime that showcases yummy food but also has wonderful quotes and lessons!
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These quotes certainly do make you feel good
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These are all amazing. But I'm a holster, so I have to add my favorite personal quotes, like "people die when they are killed"
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these are awesome quotes! good stuff @tbell2
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Aww, love the Spirited Away one!
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