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Hello Vingle crews! October wishes to make somewhat of an announcement and an apology. October has been rather quiet for the last week and unfortunately will need to remain so through this weekend. There just some life demons left to face that require October's full attention (it should be noted some of groups have yet to see an October post so the silence is less noticeable). Buuuuut let's fix this shall we! Come Monday, October will have gifts (~we mean cards~) for you all! They will include many of the things mentioned in the What would you like to see from me card posted a while back. Furthermore October will reintroduce himself as well as all those other voices mentioned in his first intro card as the voices have decided to take over and what their share of communication with all of you! Do you feel lucky? You should? We think...October's mind is a bit scrambled at the moment and he is painfully aware of how insane this card is making him sound...but whatever part of what makes us who we are is embracing that weirdness and showcasing it all of the bloody place! Drawings, writings, sagely advice from a non-sagely person. There will be something for everyone!!! So please join us all on Monday for a slew of new character introductions, and an vast increase in community involvement. October thanks the friends he has already made, and he, and the others, hope to keep that number going with new and more frequent posts! There were a lot of 'ands' in that last sentence -.- October, silent for now, but will rise again soon!
Yay!!! I've missed your thoughtful comments. Looking forward to those gifts my friend :D
On Monday Alert🙌🙌