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Yes Guys! The title says it right!

I.M is Back on Camera! I know it kind of doesn't seem like he's gone because of 'Right Now' episodes and constantly updating in the fan cafe, but yes he was gone.
On the V Live video presenting himself saying "Long Time No See" as the guest for Mon Happy Radio as well with Hyungwon.
I'm glad he's back, but now I wish he please takes it easy. I hope Minhyuk also has a well recovery, as well! Monbebes: @xXYGx @Meeshell @VeronicaOrtiz @CrookedShadow @VKookie47 @LexTay327 @LisetteZapata @LenaBlackRose @taetaebaozi @xxchicharitoxx @ravenator143 @AimeeH @JohnEvans @PrettieeEmm @amberg171997 @MelinaHernandez @IsoldaPazo @Vixxstarlight1 @AraceliJimenez @BiannaN @Dabaesaplayer I'll probably be posting more later on at night, so if you want to be added to my Monbebe list please let me know! :)
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can you add me to the list please? :)
Minhyuk tore a ligament on his knee (currently under recovery) and I.M kept getting injured repeatability. If I remember correctly I think it was his knee as well. @ILikeHisFace123
Okie Dockie Monbebes! 馃槉 @dallasyamane @ArmyofKookie
please tag me!
@BonnieYuen Ok, I'll add you into my mbb list 馃槉