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EUN SEUL'S POV: We are forever together, through thick and thin. No matter what happened between us, we always find a way to fix it. Ah Ri and I were never the same; not the same personality, voice, thoughts or emotions. She was always more hyper and always happy. After the accident she became more serious and almost never smiled unless you were a person she cared about. I, in the other hand, am more mature and would only be hype around her and people who don't give a crap about what i act like. She went over to talk to her mom, to apologize for her sudden outburst of fury. Seeing the way she smiles at me or laughs at Chanyeol's lame jokes (she's the only one that finds them funny and he feels proud of himself for making her laugh) always brought back memories of the time in our Senior year in high school when we used to skip class together and be rebels; doing graffiti on the walls of the streets, running while holding hands and screaming our lungs out, or just laying on the grass and stare at the clouds telling stories. To be honest, I only smiled in front of her to not show the pain i feel when i look at her damaged eyes. But my fun times and laughs were not fake, the showed how even though, knowing what i did, we could still have fun no matter what situation. Those were the good all days. After she confronted her mother, she became more happier and came over almost every day. We went back to being our rebel selves and painted, told stories or sneaked out the house in the middle of the night with Chanyeol and ran around or bought food. Although Ah Ri was blind..... she could see far more than all the others. And our most beautiful moments in life were forever remembered. Those were the good old days.
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