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Let's re-imagine the cast of our favorite movies!

Most of us are so familiar with Marvel's movies that we can recite them in our sleep. So to keep things fresh, I like to re-imagine what the cast could have been. It's fun to think about how the characters would be portrayed by your other favorite actors! What do you all think of my picks?

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Peter Parker

Diane Guerrero as Mary-Jane

Henry Ian Cusick as Norman Osborn

Nichelle Nichols as Aunt May

Does anyone else do this?

I'm always so curious about what different people would do if they were playing my favorite characters. Who would you pick?
Also if I could re do the movie I'd say I'd cast Jim Carrey as Norman Osborn, but I don't know about the rest of the cast yet XP
I am in no means or form a racist but if you are black, white, blue, green, whatever that's how you should be forever unless you're killed off and replaced like Spidey or the Blue Beetle. Miles is actually my second favorite Spidey xD Just saying we don't want anything like that fantastic 4 reboot going on.