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How to Stage Your Own Meet-Cute! ;) [Cupid's Countdown]

No date for Valentines Day?! Fear not!! I am here with friendly tips and tricks to get a nice date (like the ones from the movies!), just in time for Valentine's Day.
An easy way to get a quick date, is to introduce yourself to some REALLY FAST. And how do people do that? Well, a meet cute of course.
What is a meet-cute? According to, it's a way to quickly introduce two characters and set up their burgeoning relationship. It's often used in films, particularly the Romantic Comedy. This meeting can happen by way of any of an innumerable array of circumstances, so long as there's something cutesy about it.

Alrighty, now time to create your own!

Step 1: Set the scene!

Every meet-cute begins with a cute place to meet (see what I did there?) Think about where cute couples meet in movies, and that will help you set the scene. Some examples include: bookstores, coffee shops, your workplace (but like, late at night or alone in the elevator ONLY), the supermarket and at the movies by yourself.

Step 2: Practice your dialogue!

Some cute ideas for working on what to say is mess up on what you are saying! Accidentally messing up on your words is encouraged, so practice accidentally saying something wrong, or accidentally slipping in that you think they are gorgeous. Just make sure to make is sound silly and adorable and sweet! You want the other person to think, "aww they are so flustered and cute!"

Step 3: Come up with the blocking!

In theatre-speak, blocking is essentially the movements you make in the scene. So, try to coordinate your movements. Work and practice how these movements are going to play out.
For example, you want to meet your cutie at a coffee shop, by spilling your coffee on him? Practice spilling coffee on other people! Make sure you do this at least 10 times so you can precisely spill on his shirt and have a good laugh about it later.
The main thing you have to practice is your deer-in-the-headlights face. Though you are staging this meet-cute yourself, you still have to act SO SURPRISED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Step 4: Find a cutie and INITIATE.

If you have a cutie in mind that you've seen around, then this might require a bit of planning. Try following them for a day to get their schedule down! If you don't have a cutie, feel free to wait in your space for one to come in! Be prepared to hang at that coffee shop for a while, but you know, it's worth it for the cutie!

Does this all sound really hard and complicated? No worries! I have now come up with a list of scenarios for you to pick from! You are welcome!

Scenario 1: Playing with your waffles at a quaint restraint, look extra confused with the waffle door, so a handsome man comes up and offers to help fix your waffle house!
Scenario 2: Bump into someone on the street at while holding a glass of OJ. Apologize a lot, have some witty banter, and then ask her out for drinks!
Scenario 3: Meet your really cute boss on the first day. Mess up your words, accidentally curse, but look really cute while you are doing it. He'll be smitten and profess his love sometime later.
Scenario 4: Run away from your thousands of adoring fans, hop along a rooftop, and jump into a car that is moving to escape the fans! Makes sure the moving car has a cutie in it that you'll hate then eventually fall in love with.
Well, that last one is a little tough, but you get my point. Pretty much steal the situation from any Romantic Movies, and play it out in real life. Good luck meeting those cuties with your meet cute.
Tagging all the Cupid's Countdown friends! I hope you enjoy!
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@LessThanThree well if it's just the two of you, what's there to lose ;)
yes @nicolejb ! I've never tried picking up a woman in an elevator but sounds incredibly hard
@InPlainSight A cute way to meet a cutie and a cute place in a cute way.
The new elevator pitch
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