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I just finished the Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II anime series (I understand they are seasons one and two), and was curious as to what to do next. I have heard that season three or Sword Art Online III should be coming out in 2016, hence I then heard of the Sword Art Online Progressive books. So my discussion question would then be, is progressive next or is the third season part of progressive? I literally started and finished SAO two days ago, and I would be the definition of a "noob" in this genre, so anyone with a greater knowledge than me in this subject (I'm sure there's plenty of you haha) your info is greatly appreciated!
Hi there. SAO Progressive is pretty much a remastered version of SAO Aincrad or the first half of SAO I. It added more to the story itself that the original novel or anime presented.
I too my self finished sao it's good