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This has been beyond mind-blowing...
40-ish Cards...
4 Collections...
More than 100 followers on my dearest "Why anime?" collection...
Became friends with the best kind of people one could ask for...
Honoured in being a Supporter of this community and participated in several community events...
Got "married"...
All in under one month since the 300K...
Yet, I've been here for 4 months now...
Do you guys even comprehend just how much you have affected my life at this point? My devotion for anime and to make stuff interesting to read about for you guys has been both a challenge and a fun thing for me to do, and I'll always keep on doing this as long as I find it so...
You guys have become my reason as to why I keep writing and keep exploring and keep thinking about anime and what makes an anime an anime!
This is the forth time. Might as well be the one after infinity amount of times...

Thank You

I wouldn't be here without you

Down below are all of my collections that I curate :)

Why anime?

The Original

Quick Why anime?

"Why anime?" now available in smaller sizes

Feel Good Fridays

Your weekly dose of Feel-Good

VoidX's DropboX

Random? Yes!


Something you guys want me to do for a special...?

Another AMA...?
Some Internet-thingy I don't know of...?
Write a poem...? (or an erotica...? You guys always seem to *praise* my ability to use words and write long texts...XD)
I'd be up for *mostly* anything :D

I'm always gonna tag my friends from here on out!

Want to be tagged as well? Hit me with a reply or a message :D
@VoidX Congrats! See what happens? I told you that writing gift of yours is super awesome. And this just proves that even more. πŸ˜‰
I'll always support you because you're awesome! Thanks for tagging me nakama! 😊
@Danse Thanks man! And..."gift"...XD How do you want me to use that gift then? ;)