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Hey gamers.

I've been having a conversation with a friend of mine for a little bit the past couple of days, debating the individual merits of playing a game with headphones in vs. playing games with the speakers on.
Personally, I only play with headphones on out of necessity. When I'm in a more crowded or public space, or when people around me are trying to sleep- that's when I play with the headphones on.
My buddy, though, is a big fan of gaming with headphones. Even on his PS4, he plays with headphones connected to the controller. He says it helps him with the immersion, it helps him notice the sound design features more easily.

Do y'all have any preference one way or the other?

Headphones hands down. It does help with immersion but also allows you to pick up on audio cues easier. Just being able to tell which side the noise came from puts my headphones leagues above my speakers. Sometimes I'll go with just the speakers if I'm alone and volume isn't a concern or if the game doesn't benefit from responding to sounds (turn based rpgd, RTS etc). Side note: headphones means business time and people usually won't try to interrupt my gaming if I'm wearing them.
I prefer headphones but that's not always at my disposal so I do use speakers. Headphones just make survival horrors more suspenseful and make the epic cinematic games more epic.
I have some Turtle Beach X11 for my ps3 and TB X42 for my 360 (which I plan to mod to my One) and they are the most incredible game play devices I've ever used. I haven't gotten a chance to try any VR tech, but the full surround sound headphones are the most immersion based tech I've used and I love it. I'm sure you can get speakers on the level, but if you live with anyone else you can't get em that loud the headphones you can turn all the way up. hear everything and excite you in ways I didn't know possible.
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