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Hey gamers.

I've been having a conversation with a friend of mine for a little bit the past couple of days, debating the individual merits of playing a game with headphones in vs. playing games with the speakers on.
Personally, I only play with headphones on out of necessity. When I'm in a more crowded or public space, or when people around me are trying to sleep- that's when I play with the headphones on.
My buddy, though, is a big fan of gaming with headphones. Even on his PS4, he plays with headphones connected to the controller. He says it helps him with the immersion, it helps him notice the sound design features more easily.

Do y'all have any preference one way or the other?

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Headphones. Just for the full experience. Especially when playing horror games~
@poojas for horror games a true 5.1 is the best. I have both the turtle beach head phones (7.1) and a real 5.1 set connected to my computer. I use the turtle beach for the ps4 since it'd a console and easier. however the 5.1 to the computer is so much better with direction and heavy bass when gameing. the turtle beach sounds a little more crisp but it's not as good at directional and you don't feel the bass hit your body and the chair. but that's if you can turn it up without bothering others.
Headphones most of the time... And then we built the media room. Smh. The speaker system is ridiculous and does its job. But that's really for "party" play. When I'm playing alone, or when we're playing together as teams/leagues, obviously we have to have headphones on. (Chat, etc.) If I'm playing at night, headphones. Eh, for a long time I had this issue about being alone in my house at night with headphones on playing a damn video game while my kid slept. The Trials of a Single Mom: Every bad dream scenario you can come up with was there in my head. lol Eventually, I got over it. My brother, the Tech God (lol), bought me new headphones for Christmas and they are just SICK. So, yeah, unless we are playing on consoles, headphones gets my vote.