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On March 30th, Square Enix will be holding another Final Fantasy XV event. Rumors are that they might announce the official release date for the game during the event. It's pretty interesting to me that they've scheduled another pretty big event next month even though they just had one last weekend.
I'm not complaining though. More Final Fantasy is never a bad thing. Around this time last year all we had was that one trailer of the four main characters driving around and bro-ing out. Which turned off some players but I, personally, enjoyed it. There's something about FF games (and maybe JRPGs in general) that make me feel like I'm playing an anime instead of watching it.
Honestly, I really hope that they give us a release date or a new trailer. Maybe some new gameplay footage. The hype for this game is only building and I want so bad for it to live up to all the excitement that I have for it. One thing I'm extremely happy about is the fact that they'll be livestreaming this for free.
I left a pretty old trailer above just for fun, you know, just incase you need a rehash of some of the things that are going on in the game.
But I want to know what you guys think. Is there anything you hope to see from this event? Or are you like me and just want a release date?
@LAVONYORK A release date would be perfect. I'd love that, I hope it happens!!!
I would like to see a release date, and maybe a little bit of story on the main character(s). We've seen some gameplay, some really pretty cutscenes, but don't know much about what's going on in the world. (I don't know if any main story was given away with the demo, as I haven't played it or watched it on YouTube.) I can't wait for this game. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, and love all of the games in one way or another. @paulisadroid The people that give you shit for liking a Final Fantasy game, no matter which one, are not real Final Fantasy fans. They are fans of the ones they like, and you shouldn't listen to them. I didn't like 8 as much as the others that I've played, but I still love it. I'll probably never restart it and beat it, but it's still Final Fantasy, and is wonderfully made, just like the rest. A lot of people say 13 wasn't good, but I loved it, so I've played all 3 of the trilogy. I really got sucked into the world and the characters, and it really does feel like you are playing a movie. I'm hoping that 15 will live up to the excitement I have for it, too. I'm pretty sure I'll love it, though, either way.
and the characters of course. lightning is my hero/mega crush lol
@SAMURXAI I feel the same way as you. The only FF I really got into was FF8 which a bunch of people give me shit for. But I'm excited to fall back into the world again. Even though 13 is kind of hard to get into, I can't deny the worlds they build are amazing. It'll be fun to get lost in one again.
I would rather just have the date and I would be fine
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