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I'm sorry to say it but I think iron man is going to lose this one. He is up agenst to guys with super human powers. he has a suit. that in more ways than one is going to be bad. pluse just watch the trailer. he's getting his ... kicked by Bucky and Cap.
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exactly so right now in this move would be the perfict time for it. although I love how Robert play him I would be very up set. '-'
@CloeySuess same here, and it would be really hard to fill his shoes. Though I think maybe having War Machine or Pepper take on the role for a while would help the transition. They both have in the comics, and the audience already knows the characters.
Yeah that is what I was thinking to. I hope it's pepper I loved what happened in the comics with her. also she hasn't really do e much in the movies besides the las iron man when she puts on the suit. maybe that was a hint
@CloeySuess for sure! It would be awesome to see her flying around in the suit. I'd definitely be thrilled if IM3 was foreshadowing for her stepping up :D not sure if the actress would go for it but who knows!
Yeah I really wonder how it would play out. I think it would be interesting who would become the next iron man it it dose happen.