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Day 5: Who do I think will die in Civil War?

I see many of you saying Captain America (Chris Evans) will die in the film, just as the comics portray in their version of Civil War. I do agree that this highly rated outcome will be the largest possibility, but I also believe someone else might bite the dust (possibly a low rated option, but who knows with the MCU...gotta keep an open mind).

War Machine

Yes, Col. James Rhodes! He, in my opinion, may die in the big screen adaptation, just for the sheer fact that the movie HAS to have some feels. And killing War Machine, let alone any character, could hit everyone with a meteor sized collision of those feels we pretty much hate to feel. But then again I think we love those feels in a way because it let's us know how much we actually CARE for these characters.

They're going up against some very skilled opponents. We all must prepare for any given outcome.

Peace out Marvelers. Enjoy my card and have an amazingly Marvelous Day! ~MwM Kuzuri @amobigbang @LadyLuna @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @buddyesd @Boogleman (Tag the MwM Crew. Someone message me with an entire tag list of our crew...that way I can copy and paste them all!)
War Machine T_T you bring up a good point: there could definitely be more than one character going down in the movies. Because why go easy on us, right?
I agree War Machine might die bcuz I'm almost completely positive he dies in the comics... I kinda hope now bcuz I like him!
@LAVONYORK There are many possibilities 馃槀 We'll have to try and be prepared for anything
They have us on a string about who is going to die lol what if they flip on us and none of them die? O_o
I'm so ready to watch the movie 馃槱