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Quotes can be powerful. The can inspire you, make you cry or even make you laugh.

Hell Nakama, it's Feel good Friday and @VoidX has a great challenge for you today. Check out his card here!

A classic quote but a great one.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is not just great for its story and characters it also has some of, if not the best quotes in anime. In life you have to suffer pain, you have to sacrifice but if you can hang on and fight you will be stronger than ever before.

Adding on to the subject of growing stronger through pain, Erza Scarlet knows what it's like to grow.

If you are weak, keep fighting, keep getting stronger, use your pain as a tool and keep moving forward!

If there's ever the brilliant mind it's Dr. Stein

Even in insanity Dr. Stein is sane enough to know it. We all have different morals, what's right to you might not be right to others. What's really morality anyway? Human beings may not truly know.

It's a small message but a powerful one. I love food and when I'm hungry I eat!

What do you think? What are you favorite quotes in anime?

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I love that Dr. Stein quote so much. He had some of the best lines in all of soul eater imo
Yeah these are good. That luffy though, haha, after my heart with all that food love. <3