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We all search for that perfect Valentine's date. If you still in the staging plans and have no idea what to do for a Valentine's date have no fear; I got you covered. Though these dates I am about to mention can be embarked upon anytime of the year.

Sunset Picnic at the Beach

If you live somewhere in a warmer climate or that is experiencing warmer weather; this could be the perfect date for you and your honey. I love the beach and watching the sunset. Bring along your phone and have that special playlist on it. Light some candles, or have a little fire going, blankets and most importantly the food the one your love likes and you have the start of a great date.

Ice Skating

For those in colder climates an Ice skating date can be promising, even if you are not in colder climates an ice skating date maybe a great option with indoor ice skating rinks. Tie her skates up for her and hold her hand skating. Don't forget the small details: have a blanket, scarves, gloves/mittens, and hot chocolate ready for her or him.

Picnic in your Backyard/Dinner under the Moon

Transform your backyard to an outdoor oasis of Romance. It could be simple picnic in the backyard with both your favorites and some music. Or if you do night time Bring out the lights, candles, music and food. Dance underneath the moonlight. Enjoy great conversation

Date Night In- Dinner, movie, Dancing

Set your place as the perfect place to have a romantic dinner for two, maybe even dinner and a movie. It's in the details of setting the ambiance. Have picnic in the middle of the room. Have a table with candles and her favorite meal. (You do not have to cook it you can just have it already there). Some music set low.
Have a fort set up to cuddle and get comfy for a movie. Just have everything you would think they would like for a dinner, and movie set up. Dote on them and pay compliments.

Spa Date

Really have a girl that is stress and never have time to treat herself to a spa, create one for her. Draw a bath, have some Epsom salt, and some fragrances and create a relaxing atmosphere. Have some towels ready. After wards if you think your skills are good enough you can give a massage.
Well these are just a few ideas. I hope you all remember the date really isn't the important part. The important part is paying attention to your partner letting them know how much you do really care, and love them. Putting in an effort to spend time with them alone. Make sure to have babysitters set up for those with kids. Or if you can't get a babysitter a lot of these can be done after the kids are asleep.
Pay attention to the details. You know your love one the best. For most girls we just want to spend time uninterrupted and have your undivided attention. Turn off those phones and make conversation, kiss, dance, cuddle, and just enjoy being together.
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That tub though.. *jealous* I can barely fit in ours. (Let alone squeezing two people in, boooo) xD Ahahaha.
@PrettieeEmm one day I hope to do one of these with GD.
@VeronicaArtino thanks a girl can dream 😀
like that, I wish this come reality
@AlloBaber awe thanks I am Def a romantic. and I am glad you liked them. @PrettieeEmm I mean one day I hope that dream comes true for you
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