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This lyrics is hitting home to me recently. I've been dealing with a lot of losses in the past 3 years (I am 18 and still in high school and the people around me don't understand what I am going through). My best friend (who is still my best friend) moved back to England almost 3 years ago, and that kills me because I don't really have any other good friends at school. My coach moved to Texas at the end of the summer, and that kills me because he fixed a lot of me that was broken. I was extremely hard on myself and hurt myself and he helped me become content enough with myself to stop and try to be whole again. My great uncle, who was an inspiration to me, died two days before my birthday in October of 2015, and I miss him everyday. Like I said, I don't really have a friend group at school so I feel lost there. And my mom kicked my dad out the week before Christmas because he has been unfaithful, so my family dynamic is bit askew. Lastly, I was seeing this guy who I really like but he went to Texas for college and I miss him a lot. Anyway, feeling lost sucks and this quote describes how numb I am starting to become, voluntarily, so I don't get hurt anymore. Have you guys ever felt numb to pain?
Sorry that was long heheh I was just kinda touched by what you wrote :)
Wow. That's a lot of loss @JayZK. :( sorry you're going through all that at once... Geez, makes you wish life would let up some and give us a break once in a while. I noticed this collection says "my edits" - do you make these images? They're so awesome! I love all the quotes you do! To answer your question, I've totally felt that numb to pain thing before. It's a natural response to traumatic experiences I think. Keep reaching out, trying your best to open up to new people and experiences, keep in touch with the old people, and write out/express what you're feeling in a healthy way. I think making your art and writing as you do is already a very healthy habit :) I'm sure that's helping in some way!! You'll get through this and find great friends and more inspiring, amazing people :) I promise! <3
Of course! I'm really glad you're having fun and connecting!!! It's hard for me to find that in real life too. 🙌🏻
I just love that you know this song! @TessStevens Thank you so much. I have to say that this little groups of friends I'm making here has actually helped me a lot, at least with feeling supported and like people care and helping me realize that I can connect with people. So thank you :)
First of all, this song might be my favorite green day song of all time. Thank you for putting this out there. Im really sorry about all the hardship. I understand about being away from your friends, I recently moved and it's been very difficult to meet people. Music is what keeps me going though, that and the ability to try and use what's happening to me to help others, here and through my writing. This really touched me, and I know that these feelings are temporary. Keep the music going and you will be just fine! ❤️
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