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With Street Fighter V about two weeks away from being released, Capcom started releasing "Character Introduction" videos for each of the playable characters. The first of which was iconic character Ken. In the video (which you can see above if you swipe right), Capcom Community Manager Matt Edwards takes us through Ken and his move set as well as giving us some tips if we decide to play as him.
I haven't watched too much gameplay footage from Street Fighter V as it's one of the games I wanted to go into completely blind but I couldn't help but check these videos out when they showed up on my feed. Ken isn't a character I usually play but seeing how his moves work in conjunction with each other and how they result in devastating combos, I think I might have to switch things up a bit.
In the video (above, swipe right) they released today, they showcased Zangief, the giant Russian grappler. I don't have too many friends that main Zangief so I don't know the differences between this version and the one in Street Fighter IV but it's still interesting to see a characters moves showcased just so I know what to expect whenever someone decides to play him against me.
One of the most interesting things about Zangief is about how his V skill allows him to take some hits without being pushed back. This could allow players to effectively pressure their opponents into the corner without too much trouble. Even though I won't play him seriously, I might just try him out once or twice, I think it'll be fun to check YouTube after the game has been out for a while to see what high-level play looks like.
I'll most likely be creating cards for each of the new character introductions that come out in the future, especially if I see a character I would love to play. But what do you guys think? Are you hype for Street Fighter V?
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@TurtleyTurtles good though yeah? exclusives are great but depressing when you don't have the thing they want you to have to play it
@SAMURXAI Very true. This could be the manufacturers' way of ending the console war. I'm a Sony/Nintendo girl, and never really liked the Xbox, so it's nice that I don't have to get one to play new games that are coming out.
I was a Microsoft fan boy for the longest time. I, then. retracted from them and got into Sony. I went back to Microsoft though, but not exclusively. so I'm covering all my bases now, except Nintendo I love Nintendo and their games but not as much as the other two. I wonder, how the war will play out now. I need to get something Nintendo.
@TurtleyTurtles I've always been a huge fan of Ivy, Tira, and Taki. Of course, what that says for my personality disorders is probably louder than I'd like to admit. Lol @SAMURXAI I'm excited, too. I was pumped and... then @paulisadroid starting sharing videos. Sunday, my brothers were hanging out and I was showing them all of these videos that Beeper's been sharing with us. Now THEY'RE excited, too. ^_^ Yesss, the game is coming Home! <3 Oh, by the way: one of my brothers plays the Microsoft fanboy game, too. :P I play 'em all! Equal opportunity lover, gamer, and geek!
does anyone know from where to get street fighter action figures at reasonable price. . (DoNT SUGGEST EBAY).....i am from INDIA and.there is no street fighter action figures available