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One question that surrounds most open world games is: How big is the map?
And when betas come out for games like The Division, for instance, players are constantly wondering how the Beta Map compares to the map that will be available at launch. It's an honest curiosity and I find myself thinking the same thing when new open-world games get announced.
But I've never gone to the extent to actually figuring out the percentage of the Beta Map in comparison to the Launch Map. But someone decided to figure this out on their own and share their results with all of us on the Internets. I'm not sure exactly how they did it or found the time to do it but it looks like they overlayed the Beta Map on top of the Launch Map and did some simple math.
Looking at the image above, the purple area is where the Beta takes place and the blue is the full map we'll get at launch. MickGasm, the person responsible for this interesting tidbit about the game wrote on imgur:
The grid is 115*71, totaling 8165 squares. The Beta area occupies 1167 squares. The Launch area occupies 5315 squares. The Beta showcased 22% of the playable area at Launch
This is a lot of work that I, personally, wouldn't put myself through but it's extremely interesting and gets me even more excited for the game (something that I didn't think possible until now).
Although, looking at the map makes me wonder what the DLC for the game will be like. I'm hoping they extend the map and make more of New York accessible to the players instead of new weapons/skins. It could be really interesting if The Division goes back to full on expansion packs instead of the add-on format we're all too familiar with when it comes to our multiplayer games.