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Anyone with two sets of eyes that watched the Eagles play last year knew that Demcarco Murray was under-utilized last year by Philly.
A year removed from leading the NFL in rushing yards, Murray saw his attempts and yards cut by half in his first year on his new team.
While Eagle coach Chip Kelly was let go this off-season, many believe things won't change in Philly with Murray in regards to his role on the team. If so, why should he stick around?
The Eagles and Murray appear headed toward a stare-down regarding his future with the organization, according to several sources informed of the situation.
Murray hasn't asked to be released or traded, and the Eagles seem -- at this point -- intent on not cutting him. He has 40 million and four years left on his contract. The Eagles regressed last year, and while many fans blame him for the teams poor results, he wasn't the only issue on the roster last year.

Should Demarco Murray demand a trade from the Eagles? Was he used properly last year?

He definitely is good enough to demand that unlike Carson Palmer was when he demanded to be traded
Chip kelly didnt use his talents properly, the offense was too incredibly predictable. Give him another year
Yeah I say give him another year as well!