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With the Hall Of Fame voting on the way soon, no one doubts that Brett Favre will get in, the big question is: will it be a unanimous vote?
Recently, we saw game changing baseball player Ken Griffey get in the HOF, but a handful of writers passed on voting him in, denying him a right at history with the best percentage ever.
Will Favre suffer the same fate?
A couple quick stats on Favre:
That the Packers’ 160-93 record during Favre’s 16 seasons (1992 through 2007) in Green Bay was the NFL’s best over that period; he became the first player in NFL history to win three consecutive MVP awards (1995, ’96, ’97); he started an NFL-record 297 consecutive games (321, including playoffs); and he was the first player in league history to throw 500 touchdown passes.
Despite those gaudy numbers, we have seen many highly touted players/coaches get strung around by voters in the past. The back end of his career was a bit shaky post-Packers as well, so we will see if anyone holds that portion of his career with weight.

Should Brett Favre Be A Unanimous Selection To HOF?

no question about it
Well he definitely is hall of fame material
idk maybe