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Hello my Vingle writers and travelers! Its Friday (in my time zone) and the weekend got me wishing I could be anywhere but my same ol' boring neighborhood! Which obviously got my brain steamrolling to flights, cities I've only seen in pictures, and adventures I've only read about in books.
So I thought we could kick off our weekend by doing an Explorer Challenge!
Sounds pretty exciting I know...

The Challenge!

Write a card describing the one place your wanderlust is itching for! It can be a country, a city, and island, it can even be Middle Earth (I hear hobbit homes are quite lovely). Time traveling can totally be apart of this challenge if you're really feeling thirsty for a speak easy in the roaring twenties! Add some amazing pictures and we can all blow our adventuring minds from the comfort of each others great dreams of adventure!
Plus you could be adding more places to your list of countries!

Giraffee Manor: Nairobi, Kenya

While a tropical island or the beautiful waters of Croatia sound tempting after our snow storm this morning I can not get the Giraffee Manor out of my mind! The beautiful old mansion resides on 140 acres of Giraffe Sanctuary and might just be the coolest hotel EVER!
During your stay, wild Giraffes can come and stick their heads into any window to say Hi or to grab a snack for you! It seems like the coolest experience EVER! There are also tons of walks and hikes to see other animals and an Elephant sanctuary only 20 minutes away!!
Right now, I am seriously wishing I could just hop on a plane and wake up tomorrow to a curious Giraffe popping into my window and giving me a good morning kiss!
Id love to hear where my fellow creatives and travelers wish they could be right now!!

Write a card and tag us all in it so we can torture ourselves with even more amazing things to do and places to see!

This might sound kind of corny, but there's really no other place that I'd rather be, than where I am. @TessStevens wrote a card earlier about why we love our towns. And Honestly, LA couldn't be beat by any other city in the world.
@shannonl5 I have to check out this awesome unicorn universe haha @marshalledgar that's so wonderful that you are living in your own dream place !! Good for you!! @TessStevens the UK is sooooo cool!! You will deft love the music scene there for sure
Really cool idea, @LizArnone! :D
a. I did not know about the giraffe wonderland but I want to go to there b. the universe where Peter S. Beagle set The Last Unicorn is somewhere I would like to visit on a temporary basis because UNICORNS
The U.K.!!!! I have so many long lost friends to meet there, plus some of my favorite bands only play there. I want to move there soon and start playing music again :) and write of course, but yeah love love London and want to live there someday!
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