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K-Drama FCF! Park Shin-Hye
So I chose Park Shin-Hye for my 1st Kdrama Female Crush Friday for these several reasons!
Park Shin-Hye is my favorite actress because she has such amazing acting skills. She can cry on point and show emotions that make us feel her pain. She draws you in with her acting. She is the main female in my favorite drama called "Pinocchio".
She is one of the most gorgeous human being I've ever seen and makes me so jealous. She is definitely my Woman crush. She is really kindhearted, gives to others and a happy person.
I love all of the dramas I've watched her in which include You're Beautiful, Heartstrings, Heirs and Pinocchio. She pulls off being a guy so well and she has a great voice.

Tagging my Vingle Family!

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So beautiful and an amazing actress!
2 years ago·Reply
She's the best! I love her
2 years ago·Reply
@biancadanica98 hahaha! I so saw this card coming! She is beautiful. ♡
2 years ago·Reply
she is one of my favorite I have watched all her dramas..
2 years ago·Reply
I agree, she has been my first also. I truely love her acting.
a year ago·Reply