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With Kevin Durant's free agency looming, every team under the sun is drumming up a trade or free agency pitch for his services.
Recently, one of the new rumors is that Durant could consider the Golden State Warriors this off-season.
The Warriors are the defending champs and LOADED with talent.
Luckily, at the moment The Warriors aren't paying a crazy amount of money for Curry (yet) and will have a decent amount of cap room when the cap goes up this summer. With that being said, they would probably have to go over the cap to sign KD.
The Warriors also play a style that suits his skill set, as they run and put up shots at a fast rate. The down part is that the amount of star power on the team could become an issue. Curry, KD and Thompson are a lot of mouths to feed. Someone would take a bit hit in touches, and that would likely be Klay Thompson. As an emerging young star, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy with his new usage rate.

Does the Kevin Durant to Golden State move make sense? Would this work out well for both teams?

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With KD on the Warriors squad.....could potentially be the most dominant NBA team ever