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A question I've always asked myself when I was alone in the shower or on the toilet was what if the Dovahkiin (or the Dragonborn) from Skyrim met up/fought the Vault Dweller from Fallout 3. It's a fun weird experiment that I'd play out in my head for hours until my fingers got all prune-y or my legs went numb from sitting on the toilet too long.
Fortunately for me (and my soggy skin/sore butt) I found this old YouTube that answered that question for me. It's a pretty interesting fight and it's really fun to see elements from both games be used against each other.
YouTuber AndrewMFilms gives us an answer to this question even if it's not really an answer and just a really, really cool video to watch when you have some free time. Personally, I was hoping for the Vault Dweller to win the fight.
I don't have anything against the Dragonborn but out of those two games, I definitely enjoyed Fallout a lot more. It might just be because I'm not a huge fan of fantasy worlds but either way, this was still a fun watch.
Part of me also wishes that it didn't end on such an abrupt note. I wonder what would happen next once the dragon that the Dragonborn summoned showed up to the fight. Would the Vault Dweller call on one of his faithful companions? Or would he whip out the devastating weapon, the Fat Man and shoot a bunch of mini-nukes at it?
What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!
that was so awesome!!!
it looks like the vault dweller did win. Dovakhin summoning the dragon was a final move, he didn't make it. Maybe the vault dweller could take down the dragon. my fallout character could handle a dragon. Yeah, fat man, totally trumps a dragon. I prefer skyrim, because I love fantasy worlds. but the world in fallout is so much like ours but still fantastic, so it's a close call. I loved the video, well made.