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NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst
Woo! You shouted and looked around in the dark office. No one was here except you because your boss decided to give you extra work for some overtime cash. You stretched your arms and checked your phone. It was 2 am and you had 3 missed calls. Two from your mom (which you ignored) and one from Namjoon. You started to think of the conversation this morning. What are you going to say when you do call him back? You decided to leave it and not take any chances. How rude. A voice behind you whispered, making you jump. You turned around to see Namjoon. W-what are you doing here? You asked, still recovering from your sudden scare. I finished my schedule and decided to visit you. When I arrived I noticed you were checking your phone, and completely ignored my missed call. He frowned, Now come on, let me drive you home. What? Why would security let you in? You asked gathering all your paper work and stuffing them in your bag. Please, its not the first time Ive been here. He chuckled, Dont you remember? I used you visit you all the time after practice. Youre still taking night shifts for that extra cash, huh? This made you remember when you first started in this company and you couldnt handle the work load. Namjoon had came to visit you with food and ended up helping you. You felt bad that he would lose sleep just to help you. To make it up you would make delicious food for him and visit him when he was at practice. I can drive you home. He smiled, not only taking your bag but your hand as well. You couldnt remember the last time he held your hand. You chuckle at the fact that his hand was still so much bigger than yours. Thats when you realized how much he was actually trying to win you back. But one thing you didnt understand was why he waited 2 years.
During the car ride it was silent and your eyes were dropping down from your lack of sleep over the past few days. Not long after, you wake up in his arms after what felt like a few minutes. Your sleepy eyes were staring straight at his face as he looked forwards walking into your apartment. He didnt notice that you were awake but you decided to continue to sleep, or at last try to in order to avoid the awkward situation. You felt his lips softly touch your cheek, I love you, Y/N and youll never feel alone ever again. I promise… You didnt hear the rest after drifting off, feeling the comfort and warmth that you hadnt felt for 2 years. When you finally woke up, it was morning. You got up from your bed when you heard a loud noise from the kitchen. Namjoon had tried to make you breakfast but failed miserably, causing all the pots and pans to fall on the floor. He turned around and noticed your sleepy self. Why are you acting like the perfect boyfriend? You asked chuckling, walking over towards him. Maybe because Im trying to be one? He smiled, taking your hand in his and using his other one to brush the messy hair out of your face. He made your heart beating insanely fast, as well as causing your cheeks to turn the cutest shade of pink he has ever seen on you. This was one of the first times in 2 years youve felt this happy. You knew the happiest times were always with Namjoon and you wanted to feel that reassuring warmth again. But you were unsure after many nights of feeling miserable without him. You didnt want to feel the emptiness in your heart after 2 years of healing. He felt your body tense up at his touch. You had welcomed him with, almost, open arms, but he knew that a part of you was still hesitant. He knew you didnt want to feel the same pain from the days he put work before you. He knew he had to show you that he was different from the person you thought about 2 years ago, and that he was someone you could depend on again. Come on. He ordered, pulling you to the couch I want to show you something.
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Sorry for nagging, but would you mind adding quotations for the dialogue? :/ it's a little difficult to follow the storyline figuring out who says what when.
THE ENDINGS OF THIS STORY ARE KILLING ME !!!! why does it always end up with mystery. your stories always leave me with curiosity i hate it but i love it at the same time lol because they're so good please keep on tagging me please
Okay okay I just read all 9 parts.. I have to tell you Nam Joon is my BTS bias and I'm loving every part so far.. So could you please Tag me in the rest of the story..
Just read it all, I'm enjoying it and I wanna continue, please tag me. Thanks!
tag me tag me tag me tag me lol