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It's been a tough week for people who love Subway.

Earlier this week, a fan went off on the company with a passionate letter discussing his visit to a Subway chain that didn't have any bread on deck.
Today, things don't get any better from a PR perspective, as the company has announced that they will no longer sell 5 dollar footlongs.
The company took to Twitter with its subtle attempt at announcing the price hike news. Interestingly, they dubbed their new $6 foot-long offering "Sub-mageddon," which is probably the battle that will ensue between the company and consumers during this 20% price hike.
Since 2007, we have been able to enjoy a decent meal from Subway for 5 bucks. That is no longer the case.

How do you feel about this? Will this price hike sway you away from Subway?

Well when Consumers demand higher pay raises and stuff like that, the worth of the american dollar goes down and down, it would only make since to go up in price, especially since 2007. Profit is virtually the same. of course i say this in a drunken state without studying, but i believe this. kinda like how 50 bucks used to be enough as a month's cost of living.
It's the same as Arby's no longer doing their 5 for 5 deal. Stuff always goes up in price, no matter how awesome the deal. Change is a part of the food industry. I don't even know why anyone would actually be surprised at this. >_>
I don't think a dollar is going to bring on the apocalypse for those who really love Subway. No one should be that surprised. It's economics. Prices can't always stay the same. It's just life.
I'll stick to making my own subs at home. Fresh, fast and no leaving the house. 馃構馃憤
I don't love or hate Subway. It'll do in a pinch. But if I'm forced to pay $6 for a sub now, I'd rather pay $8 and get THE BEST SUB EVER AT WHICH-WICH. If you've never eaten there--OMG--You're truly missing out! They have a brownie, that slays me every time! (Thinking of you @Taijiotter)
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