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It's been a tough week for people who love Subway.

Earlier this week, a fan went off on the company with a passionate letter discussing his visit to a Subway chain that didn't have any bread on deck.
Today, things don't get any better from a PR perspective, as the company has announced that they will no longer sell 5 dollar footlongs.
The company took to Twitter with its subtle attempt at announcing the price hike news. Interestingly, they dubbed their new $6 foot-long offering "Sub-mageddon," which is probably the battle that will ensue between the company and consumers during this 20% price hike.
Since 2007, we have been able to enjoy a decent meal from Subway for 5 bucks. That is no longer the case.

How do you feel about this? Will this price hike sway you away from Subway?

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@bobs I have never tried the meatball sub. Like ever. It was always the chicken sub. Here's the thing about Subway: they claim FRESH, but one of the first things you learn about becoming a franchisee of Subway is that EVERYTHING IS FROZEN--NOT FRESH. You have to thaw everything!!!!! Yes, even the dough is frozen. OMG. Just crazy. Not to change subjects or nuthin...but the folks at In'N'Out Burger serve ONLY FRESH ingredients. Did you know that none of their restaurants have freezers? Fridges--yes--of course.
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@marshalledgar I'm not surprised!! there are no in and outs in the northeast! which sucks but time! I do work as a manager for Wendy's and our beef is never frozen. A buddy and I have an idea for a qsr similar to chipotle but with Japanese cuisine, hopefully everything can work out for us.
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@Bobs what is QSR??? I don't know the term. I love Wendy's #5 Son of a Baconator. wow, so good. I like sushi and ramen. But I'm not too familiar with Japanese cuisine. I was in Japan for a little bit, but ate mostly sushi, ramen and american style fare. LOL
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@marshalledgar quick service restaurant and we plan on doing Japanese curry
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Oh that's cool. Like a Chutney Joes, which is run exactly like a Chipotle except that it's Indian Cuisine. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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