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@danse pretty true lol, now that I think of it.. My boyfriend has that wardrobe too lol.
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@LAVONYORK That's because it's comfy, and affordable. :) And I personally love the feel of flannel after it's been washed a few times and gets that nice soft and warm texture. Best thing EVER. Maybe that's why all my past ex's stole them. -_- *huff*
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all I can think of looking at that first gif is *walk walk fashion baby* XD
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That gif is amazing when I spotted it, I knew it was perfect!
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Lol @Danse I was thinking, "that first look is my basic look anyway....granted the flannels aren't always *technically* mine." >.> Pshhh! I've been stealing that boy's clothes since the third grade. He'll deal, yeah?
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