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JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut
He lets himself in. You could instantly tell that he wasnt alright. He didnt have his usual happy face when he teased you. His expression was dark and you could basically feel the aura coming from him as soon as he entered the door. 
It was close to 11:00 at night when he came back. You were sitting on the couch. 
Jimin! You walk up to him, Are you okay? Ill go warm up your food he just nodded and sat on the couch. You warmed up the food in the microwave and walked towards him. Taking a seat beside him and handing him his plate, Thanks he said quietly, You know, you didnt have to stay up and wait for me. 
You just smile at him, Of course I did. You wanted to talk He swallowed at your words. He looked at you, Youre so caring and thoughtful even though all Ive been to you was a little shit he thinks to himself as he slowly munches on his re-heated dinner. 
so, whats up? 
I broke up with her 
Thats good, right? You said you wanted too
Y-Yeah I know… But.. he takes a moment to sigh, Can we take this to my room? People can hear us from down here. 
The two of you head up to his room and you both sit on the bed. 
Okay seriously, tell me whats going on You say
I… I got upset because my thoughts were too stressing… I couldnt handle it anymore so I ranted out everything on her and accidentally called her a slut.. he looks down at his hands and fiddled with his thumbs. You pat him on the back and rub it, Ouch… 
Are you going to apologize? 
I dont know! Because I wanted to break up with her, but apologizing? Thats not my kind of thing…
Jimin he looked at you, I think its best to apologize… Us girls understand. I mean, calling us mean names is something that were used to by either friends. But calling us a slut is on a totally different level. Just because you apologize, doesnt mean youre getting back together. It just means youre sorry for what you did You smile gently at him before standing up
Yeah… Thank you, y/n he smiles before laying down on his bed. 
Anytime You walk outside but leave the door open 
U-Uh, Y/n… You could have closed the door. He was about to get up to close it but he saw you walk back inside with a pillow and a blanket. He stared at you for a while, … What are you doing? 
You set the blanket on the ground, I thought you might want the company. Ill leave if you want to be alone-
No! Stay! You were shocked at his outburst, I-I mean.. I dont mind… he shyly looked away. 
Dont worry, Ill sleep on the floor 
No! I cant let you do that! Youre a girl! You looked at him confused, So what?
He sighed in defeat, he went to turn over to face the other wall. There was silence for a minute or two before you spoke, Wait 
He opened his eyes 
Does Park Jimin want me to sleep in the same bed as him? He muffled an answer that sounded like a mix of yes and whatever. You climbed into his bed and he turned around to look at you, I thought you didnt want to get close to me 
Well, just a day wont hurt, right? you say as you absentmindedly kiss his forehead. Crimson rose to his cheeks but luckily it was dark enough that you couldnt see his face. He had never wanted to feel your body on his so badly. He had never wanted to kiss someone so much. He had never realized how much you actually meant to him. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around you and you gladly accepted it, snuggling into his chest.
Ill help you with apologies tomorrow you whisper before going into a deep sleep
omg i loves this part so freakin much....thank you for this😍😍😍
Ooooooh yess!!! This is getting somewhere😉 I was really hoping that they would kiss tho
could you tag me in the next ones
Gahhhh it's so good
why do you torment me with your ending in this story why !!!!!!!!!!!!! but still an awesome story i love it please keep on tagging me please !!!!!
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