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So I found this picture on google or something…
And I thought about what I would do. Now, I am a very shy person irl, but very open on the internet since I don't say who I really am. Anyways, this would not be a good situation, even though it's BTS.
So, you're walking down the hall of school or down the street. There are 7 attractive guys talking like normal. Suddenly they spot you and find you attractive. (I dunno but I would find that hard to believe.) They stare at you while you walk past. What do you do?
Well, I would see them looking at me and walk back around the corner and maybe try to find another way around. If there isn't then I would quickly walk past them. Or I would look at each one of them while I walk past (and hopefully not into a pole). I might say a quiet hello or give a small smile and continue on.
But then what if they said something to you if you hadn't already said something? Like "hello beautiful" , or "what's your name beautiful?"
I'd probably talk to them a bit, but then the conversation would die out because of my social skills. Maybe I would "accidentally" have a compliment slip out. But then my anxiety would act up (or whatever it's called when anxiety decides to kick me in the stomach) and I would get nervous. Attractive guys, amiright? If they got the conversation together enough they might or might not get my number or a date.
So that's what I would do in that situation. What would you do in that situation? Doesn't have to be BTS, could be a group of attractive guys.
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Omg. I would do the same.exact.thing. as you 😱
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Honestly, attractive or not 방탄소년단 or not I'd be pretty scared ;-; a group of guys is scary to me... But if I knew it was bts I'd probably walk over and talk to them till I died of old age xD
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Oh my god i have gotten better at making eye contact and smiling. so that's probably what I'd do. if they'd talk to me I'd try to have a conversation with them. again I used to be omo omo he that I'd just secretly look at them and smile and try to avoid a conversation.
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I'm also pretty shy and antisocial with strangers irl so I'd just walk pass them. Maybe glance at them so they know I see them and not flat out ignoring them and possibly smile as a sign of acknowledgement. If they started calling me beautiful or whatever, if their attitude seemed somewhat jokingly (i have friends who are like that, not in a nasty mean way though), I might say thanks and keep walking but if they just seemed up to no good or like they just said anything just to say it I'd just keep walking and pretend I heard nothing.
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