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Born: November 9, 1984 (age 31) 5′4" I first fell for this beauty of an actress in Boys Over Flowers. But I fell really hard for her in Angel Eyes. Adore her in Blood and the sassiness of that character. Not only is she an actress but she is an accomplished writer, screen writer, editor, music composer, and director. Other works: Absolute Darling, Take Care of Us, Captain, The Musical, Chilwu, the mighty King and I Hearts of nineteen Sing of the Prince Nonstop 5 Daughter The peach tree Magic Pieces of memory You The Madonna
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Wow! I never knew she did so much! I'm impressed!
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@JamiMilsap omg, me too!! thanks for this awesome card!!
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@Kamiamon and @JamiMilsap, you are welcome. I forgot to mention she also paints and had an exhibition too. Like she is seriously so talented and driven
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Omg I only saw her in bof
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JANDI! of course I like her hahaha.
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