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For all the anti-Valentines Lovebugs out there!

There have been some amazing cards for the Cupid's Countdown event, so I hope mine isn't a disappointment. I signed up to share some of my favorite un-romantic movies for those of you who just aren't in the mood for cute hearts or cupids. I get it. Sometimes it's just too much! Thankfully I've got enough recommendations to fill up your date night (or your I-don't-have-a-date-and-I-don't-care night). I added some tv recs as well in case you need to binge several hours' worth of entertainment.

No Romance

If you want something fun that doesn't have a romantic sub-plot, you should definitely check out...
Big Hero 6- A kid loses a brother but gains a robot friend. So it's mostly fun.
Captain America: Winter Soldier- An American hero takes down... America.
Brave- This girl really does not wanna get married. She just wants to shoot things.
Tokyo Godfathers- Fun Christmas tale about homeless people and an abandoned baby.
The Emperor's New Groove- A man and a llama save the day.
Ghostbusters 2- Somehow all of New York is convinced to be happy for 5 minutes.
TV series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Agent Carter

Pair with popcorn covered in melted discount chocolate, beer, and buddies.


If you're in the mood for a movie where everything you love dies or that friendship is more important than feelings, I've got good news for you!
Harold and Maude- A rom-com about depression and death. Brilliant!
Thelma & Louise- Two gal pals murder someone and go on the run.
Salt- Will they or won't they? Try is she a spy or is she a spy? I think she's a spy.
Bachelorette- Three kind of bitter bachelorettes ruin their friend's wedding.
Batman: The Dark Knight- The world is absurd and everything you love dies.
TV series: Master of None, Elementary

Pair with wine and something covered in garlic- because you're not kissing ANYONE!

The opposite of a Rom-Com...

Is disturbed and depressing I guess. Watching these will make you forget your troubles, because you'll be concerned with things that are much worse.
The Road- People eat people after the apocalypse.
Saw- Wanna see the hot guy from A Princess Bride get tortured? Sure you do!
Silence of the Lambs- More cannibalism!
The Virgin Suicides- Spoiler: somebody dies.
No Country For Old Men- Nothing good happens but nobody gets eaten.
TV series: Broadchurch, Black Mirror

Pair with comfort food and a well-lit apartment.


Car chases! Stuff getting blown up! Anything romantic takes a back burner to quippy one-liners and excessive bullets everywhere!
Die Hard- Yippee ki-yay motherf------!
Deadpool- Despite those misleading ads, Deadpool is about dick jokes and grenades.
The Avengers- Do you wanna see a lot of aliens ruin New York City?
TV series: Jessica Jones, Homeland, BBC Sherlock.

Pair with shots and a good drinking game.

Hope that covers all your Anti-Valentine's Day needs!

Honestly I had so much fun putting this list together. Thank you Lovebugs for being part of such an awesome event, and lots of love to @nicolejb and @AlloBaber for making it happen!
Wow! Linda Blair is beautiful! So that's really cool! @2Distracted
@shannonl5 @1FallenAngel When I was in high school a few people thought I looked like Linda Blair so they'd call me The Exorcist! I felt loved lol!!!
Good job on the list!
@1FallenAngel ooooh Exorcist is a classic, good choice :D
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