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Thank you to @SharayahTodd for this fun game :)
If you'd like to play, find her card <<HERE>>
As usual, if you would not like to be tagged on future cards, please let me know. <3

They better not be the first to leave... >.<

I hope that included the Vodka :D

Look Namjoon, it's because I'm lazy ok? At least it's artificial and not real....

No, it's ok.... I didn't want any of the nachos anyways....

*tries not to giggle*

It's ok, @gabbylu13 gets to babysit Drunk Monster all night, not me :)

I'll be taking it over with them :D

He doesn't like it when I drink a lot... sorry jagiya :(

I'll sit this one out, nobody wants to hear me sing lol

YAY!! Way to go Jiminie :D

*shakes head*

No! I don't even want to know.....

Is he passed out? Like what could be entertaining about just sitting in a tub all night?

Ok but why do I have a panic room?

*tries not to giggle again*

wow.. thanks Leo

wow thanks Dongwoo :D

so we freeze his bra, right?


Awe, thanks guys! THIS is why you are my favorite <3

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@SharayahTodd lol that's hilarious
2 years agoReply
you got Jhope with you snuggling!!! all night long!!
2 years agoReply
@sosoaloraine23 I wish I was snuggling with him right now 馃槩
2 years agoReply
@sosoaloraine23 just having a bad day and wanted someone to cuddle me and make it all better
2 years agoReply