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Rapid Fire Catch Up!!!!!
Procrastination is a bitch, overcoming that now . . . . . or maybe tomorrow.
An Anime Tag Team Showdown!!!!!!!!!!!! Goku & Vegeta v.s. Naruto & Saskue I have various scenarios going through my brain as to how this might play out, but I'll leave it to y'all's Imagination.
Incase the above Match does not please the court. I offer a match up of Femme Fatales!!!!!!!! Black Widow v.s. White Canary!!!!!!!!!!!!
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well, for showdown one, its going to be Goku and Vegeta, no doubt. and The Marvel V. DC, with the ex Assassins... thats a hard one. but I'm going to go with the Canary, because she was trained under the League of Shadows.
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I think this Black Widow and White Canary fight needs to be set up!
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@LAVONYORK I think I'll try it out.
2 years ago·Reply
@DaiGakuSei that would be awesome!
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@LAVONYORK I'm gonna add a couple of others to the mix though. Himura the Battousai and Speed O'Sound Sonic on teams with Widow and White Canary
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