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Hello everyone! Im back with another update sorry its been awhile i was sick plus working all the time. Now which B.A.P members are your fans hmmmm? Bet you all are dying to know. So i wont keep you waiting. Summary: You and your 5 best friends are a dance crew. You call yourselves the Fantasy Dance Crew. You guys are an internet sensation. You guys finally saved up enough money to go on vacation to Korea and that's when your fates are changed... Reader x Bang YongGuk. (Will be other pairings as well.) Romance fluff Heres part 1 for any new readers:
"Y-you guys are-" Before you could finish the sentence they placed a finger over the mouth and shushed you. "Shhh..We don't want our fans to know we are here. We just finished with a tour and we are tired." the tallest whispered. You and your friends nod in understanding. Clamping down on your fangirling urges though it is tough you respect their wishes. You lean closer to them and whispers. "You guys are Zelo and Jongup of B.A.P." They nod in confirmation. Zelo whispers back. "How did you guys know who we were if our other fans haven't?" It was a good question and you know the answer. "Well B.A.P is our ultimate favorite group. We are part of your fandom. Plus as much as we watch you guys its easy to tell you all apart" You continued, "For one their not many people as tall as you are Zelo and Jongup has a mole or beauty mark on the side of his nose." You smile at them. "Wow that's actually amazing." Jongup says impressed. "We are actually surprised you guys know who we are." Sarah says "Yeah we are actually really big fans of you six as well." Zelo replied "You guys are really good. Dancer to dancer. We love how clean your moves are and how synchronize your covers are."Jongup says. "Well we should introduce ourselves-" Amy began but was cut off by Zelo. "No need we were actually in the back of your fans and heard it." He says "Okay good."Amy says. Suddenly a phone rings and you all look down thinking its one of yours. "Its me." Zelo says then answer the phone. "Hello Himchan." Zelo says. He sits there listening to Himchan on the other line.
After a few minutes he hangs up. He looks over at you girls and smiles. "We have to get going soon our transportation is on the way. So lets take those pictures." He says. You all gather around Zelo and Jongup posing with peace signs smiling. THey take a few shots then you take a couple and smiles. "Thanks ladies!" Jongup said "No problem. It was great meeting you guys in person."Mary said. "Same here. Have fun on your stay here." Zelo said as Jongup and him start walking and waving bye then disappears in the crowd. You guys stand their in shock and pinching yourselves thinking it was a dream. "Ouch wasn't no dream then." you said. You look over at the girls and see they are close to bursting. "Hold it in ladies until we get to the hotel rooms. Don't want people thinking we are crazy if we let it loose now." You warned them. They nod. "Lets go our transportation is here too." Sarah said You all gather your luggage and head to the exit and climb in a van. You all are antsy to get to the hotel and are so happy that you guys spurged a little and have one whole floor to yourselves so no one can hear the screams of excitement when you finally let your fangirling loose. As the hotel comes into view the van stops at the entrance and you all climb out dragging your luggage through the lobby to the concierge desk. A young woman looks at you girls and smile in greetings. "Hello welcome. Do you have a reservation?" She asked. "Yes it's under Fantasy." You said. She looks at the computer and smiles. "Here's the room keys." She hands you several key cards. "Please enjoy your your stay." She says cheerfully. You all smile in return and head to the elevator. Stepping in you press the top floor. The ride was in silence as you all struggle to stay calm. As soon as the door opens you and your friends step out. Pulling out a key you unlock the room and enter.
As soon as you and your frends enter and the door closes behind you. You all let our a squeal and jump up in excitement. "Omg! Omg! Omg! I cant believe we just had a conversation with Zelo and Jongup and come to find out they are fans too. I can die happy now." Amy exclaims. "I know right!" Joy grabs Amys hand and the jump up and with her. You and Marie collapses on the couch. Calming down as you finally scan the room. The walls were tan giving the room a natural feel. All the furnisher was white. The room had a livingroom, diningroom, Kitchen, three bedrooms and 3 bathroom on for each room. Two girls in each room. "I feel exhausted now." Mary say as she yawns. "Yeah I think we all are too. Jet lagged and all the excitement today." Sarah said "Alright ladies let head to bed. I'm too tired too eat." You said. Everyone nod in agreement. You grab your luggage and head to your room the other girls following suit. "Amy and Joy shares a room. Mary and Sarah shares another and Marie and I will share one." You said. They nod and go with their respective roommate. Entering the room you noticed it was the blue room. Light blue walls dark blue and white bedspread. Mahogany end tables and dressers. Each room has two full size beds. "Wow this room is so pretty." Marie looks around in awed. "Yes it is."You reply. You rummage through your luggage grabbing a set of pajamas, clean underwear, toothbrush, floss and a brush. "I call the shower first" you said. Entering the bathroom it had the same blue theme. After about 45 minutes you exit the bathroom. "Marie bathroom is free." Heading to the bed you sit down on the edge blushing your hair out then pulling it to the side and braids it. Marie exit the bathroom an hour later. Slipping under the covers you yawn. Marie does the same. "Good night Y/N" Marie said "Goodnight Marie." You reply As your eyes start drifting close you think: 'I hope we can meet them all while we are here on vacation'. You drift off to sleep not knowing that tomorrow something big is going to happen and will change the course of your lives forever. Alright thats it for part two. Hope i did well. I'm getting use to putting my stories from my mind to my computer. Stay tune for part 3 Tagging people: @nikkitty @kpopandkimchi @AimeeH @Morganelisbeth @helixx @leighholgate @jeppblackmen @prettieeEmm @QueenLee @KpopQueenaBee @DominiqueThomas @JessicaEvaristo @daljiyong @Ercurrent @JiyongLeo @CrystalGuerra Anyone else want tagged let me know and ill add you. taeume poeyo! see you later!
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