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You can't die!!!!!
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I may have missed something but that part stumped me up.
2 years ago·Reply
@kenjaminG if I remember correctly I believe she didn't know that it wasn't coming and gray saw it about to happen and so he pushed her out of the way before it hit. I believe that's what happened been awhile since I've seen that episode
2 years ago·Reply
oh OK it's been a while for me too, but I guess thank makes sense. thanks @Dra9onman
2 years ago·Reply
yeah me to but I remember a little and I know for a fact that gray didn't actually die in that episode of fairy tail but he saw his death and thought it was a little scary to him self die like that
2 years ago·Reply
ya I know he isn't dead now b/c I'm all caught up in Fairy Tail. I have painfully wait for each new one each Friday.
2 years ago·Reply