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Alright NAKAMA!! I need your suggestion!! Which of these 4 manga should be my next giveaway?? They're all new and the first volumes so this will be fun and exciting!! Give me a shout of which manga you would like to get a chance to win the most!! This is all for you my NAKAMA!! BTW also throw out specifics for future giveaways if there is more preferences for manga that a lot of people like. I know there is so much to choose from, I just usually go off what I've recently bought so don't feel limited to what only I've posted. The manga world for my giveaways is limitless NAKAMA! Let's make this ours and have fun and spread the word of manga and passion and the bonds we forge through manga and anime!! MANGA GIVEAWAY NAKAMA TO TAG!! @LeviHouse @koifries @Miracto @KarinaRaygoza @KarinaRaygoza @NinjaMouse @Gladness @PASCUASIO @KittyCommittee @hermoineNH1 @WilliamHutson @sanRico @CaitlinDavis @koifries @MarthaCastaneda @InVinsybll @JakeErter @NikolasSatterwh @Dabaesaplayer @mcbubbles @Juju91934 @jazminramirez9 @Maddie27 @Kellyjelly @KrisleeSantiago @YiselRamos @NerukaWong @derw4367 @Animefoxgirl97 @RinLightKirito @StephanieBecerr @AutumnAlford @Danse @sanRico @MarthaCastaneda @Moonpie15b @arnelli @BeannachtOraibh @turbidmocha @Sexyshirolover @AustinDiehl @Lucks @Thatperson512 @KellerBertrand @LoveGaara @tayhar18920 @LawlessEspada17 @tec96 @suzettecaramaya @youngshaddy687 @AllyAponte @halowoods1213 @pervysagex @lololauren15 @erebus9898 @jasminetimple @begone @Maddie27 @DereckTorres @noizyboy123 @seintoseiya @gatorchick96 @adamdean @pascuasio @ebethoven @mcbubbles @rinlightkirito @miracto @karinaraygoza @derektorres @InVinsybll @hikaymm @poojas @danse Sorry if you already commented, I forgot to tag my NAKAMA who have participated or given suggestions in the past. If you know any other NAKAMA who would like to join please tag away. The more people who get involved the more giveaways I can do!! ARIGATOU NAKAMA!!
Fairy Tail
I would really love Kakashi's story @LuffyNewman🙏✊😃
Fariy girls
just give Kakashi to meeeeeee (。’▽’。)♡
Kakashi story
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