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The Sam Raimi films were Phenomenal to say the least. They helped launch other Comic Book Movies in the modern age. Then there was The Amazing Spider-Man Reboot. The first one was a solid win in my opinion, others didn't find it that "Amazing" (Hilarious joke that didn't get old at all. . . .). The sequel . . . . was rough at best I guess. I mean really it should not have gone like it did. The comics were successful, all you had to do was stick to the Script in the Books. The execs who murdered the movie. Even Andrew Garfield said it was the Executives who kept cutting stuff out of the movie. It was a little odd to have a Black man play Electro, They pulled that off though. Jaime Foxx was Great as electro. Harry Osborne was well cast. The rumors of plans to make a Sinister Six mash up movie set, My God seemed to be radiantly glorious. So it was okay that they had Rhino (No Suit), Electro's Birth, and The sudden appearance of Harry. We all knew they weren't pointless inserts. What cheesed off everyone was the Back to Back Villain fight AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Green Lantern made the same choice. It was not well received, so . . . . . . Three years later it is tried again with a different hero???? "Maybe no one will notice" That was the big annoyance for me. I am not negative about the New Spider. For the simple fact that he is being reborn in the MCU. While they aren't 100% sticking to the comics, like you will hear from the dudes living in their mother's basements bitching about. They are doing a Great job with their movies, and hitting a lot of points that are in the comic. and making awesome references to what they might not be able to squeeze in. My thing about people criticizing Professional Hollywood films is this. "If you don't like how it was made, Make your own." (Short Version) "Alright then, you go and find Human Beings whose physical, vocal, and Mental attributes perfectly match the Comic Book Characters, who also, have the gift of acting half as good as those who were chosen for the "Crappy" movie." "Don't forget the ridiculous amount of capital you will need to rent out the perfect locations, to match the scenery in the Comic Book, and Feed the Perfect cast, and their assisstants, The stunt doubles if any, and the crew. Also to purchase the Equipment you will need to shoot and edit the movie." (Long Version) Appreciate what is put before you, because a lot of people worked their asses off making sure it was as perfect as they could get it. Tell the execs to Fuck off when they start meddling with the movie.
feeling ya girl. It is essentially a situation where you hope the people with all the money, give it to the people who know what to do. And then the Money Givers just sit back and trust those who know what to do to do a good job.
It is really tough to be outside the production process as a fan, because you're so invested in the outcome. And it's frustrating when people who are working on movie make choices that make no sense to the fans :(