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You will NEVER guess what I saw up here in the frozen north. True, it was spelled wrong, and it was there and gone way too fast for me to actually get a picture (stupid green light)
Kind of like Minho...there and gone...
Anyway, there is a reason for this!
I was walking home, EXO playing on the Ipod, getting myself way too psyched up for the Chicago concert. I'm nearing the light at our hospital in town, and JUST happen to look up.
I see a car with a Michigan license plate. Didn't see who was driving, but I did see the license plate.
That's what I saw, and I bet you all can guess my reaction! Spelled wrong (supposedly), but still understandable (at least to me). And I just happen to see this in Michigan, north of the 45th parallel, where fans of Kpop and KDramas are very very very very few and far between.
I just wish I could've gotten a picture.
Stupid green light letting the car go.
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added, or removed, let me know!
@kkellymeyer my first kpop concert too! actually, it's my first ever concert!
@KpopQueenaBee @Kpossible4250 sounds like fun times!
@KpopQueenaBee i was in Detroit back in Nov for my birthday n a hockey game
@KpopQueenaBee yay!!! another Michigander!!!
I'm from Michigan! 👋👋
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