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Me being not that good of a comic nerd is hampering my informed guessing ability on this one. But rumored money is on Cap kicking the Bucket. Bucky is one of a few possible replacements. Wilson is a recent addition to that list as well. So if Chris Evan's Captain America goes, there are two contenders in place to take up his mantle. I don't know guys, whatever happens though those remaining will find the strength to carry on the good fight. Sooner or later the wounds will heal, and they all can focus on keeping their home safe from evil doers.
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That is fine
@TiffanyPerez I'm makign a card about this event soon so I'll make a note there as well ^_^
@shannonl5 thanks. sorry. but so many ppl add me in these.
You probably get the add because you commented on a card. I have the list I have from a massive list. I won't tag you anymore, however the past cards that you have been tagged in, I can not get rid of those notifications for you. Moving forward you will be fine.
@LAVONYORK thanks :) I like commenting on them here and there...