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While the internet is chock-full of cutesy date ideas that list 101 things to do, I wanted to share with you a really great date idea if you're in the LA area. This isn't a TOP 10 List. It's one idea that I think would be great for ANY COUPLE!
Skip the ferris wheel in Santa Monica--that's where the tourons are. In the late afternoon take a scenic drive to the Griffith Observatory. You'll pass million-dollar homes that you'll wish you lived in. When you get to the top, you'll discover a magnificent panoramic view of Los Angeles, and depending on how clear it is, you'll be able to see the coast!
The Griffith Observatory is free, and the theater shows are only $7 each! All the shows are about 35 minutes and AMAZING! Live narration in addition to stunning omniscope visuals and music make every show unique and exciting.
Definitely take your time to explore the outdoors, take pictures and cuddle. It's not all space and science--you're on a date!
Skip the over priced food court and head to your dinner reservation at the W in Hollywood. I love this place because it's super convenient to get to and not more than 10 minutes from the Griffith Observatory.
Get the prawns and a bottle of Riesling. DIVINE! I'd sit at the bar, which has a lounge area that isn't noisy in the least. It's not as formal as a table, which makes this date all the more relaxing and chill.
By the time you've imbibed after the walking you did, you're going to be in cuddle mode, which is great as the night winds down, If you're clever, you'd have already booked a room at the hotel, where you can slip away from dinner and into the comfort of a luxe bed in the time it takes you to pay the bill and stroll to the elevator.
Simple. Chic. Totally LA.
Don't forget to make plans (GUYS!!!!!) Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year. No excuses!
Beautiful! And yup! I do have a date planned with myself! I am not going to give up my single life just to be with anyone on V day. I'm going to enjoy my day with a marathon of anime shows and horror movies, of course with red wine and pizza! ( ^ 0 ^ )/
Awesome! I've been to LA twice so I would totally fall for the typical date ideas. these are awesome!
Lol @marshalledgar I do adore you! ^_^ I love visiting it, too. We have a lot of fun wasting time there and hanging out. One of the best days ever: we went late fall when it was starting to get cold. We took my son and his little gf. For dinner, we had a picnic and let them play in the grass while we just sat looking over LA and talking. We sat there under a blanket, all four of us lol, and watched the sun set over LA. It was absolutely Perfect. <3 Those are the kinds of days that I love this life, this state, you know?
@1FallenAngel Pizza night sounds awesome. I'm single too. Might be doing the same thing.
I've been to the observatory, probably, 4 times. It's really incredible. There's also several hiking trails here @Alywoah--perfect for the athletic couple. There's nothing bad about this place.
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