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So yeah I'm back after 1234567890 years! LOL. I will start my 2016 make uo review with (ETUDE HOUSE Mineral Cushion) If your a kpop fan for sure you know this! but if you do not know what is it it's okay Cushion is something like bb/cc cream in a press powder way? so instead of using bb cream and then press powder I just use this so less work and I save like 5 mins. One thing that I like about this is it gives me the "DEWY LOOK" (well yeah I lile dewy look) and it super light so even I'm wearing it, it doesn't feel anything. My skin is so sensitive esp. for make up If I use make up for sure my skin will gonna freak out but this cushion is really good for "me" it doesn't cause a break out in my skin and the thing is it lighten up my skin. I strongly recomend this product!!
WELCOME BACK! I've seen so many people talking about this lately! Where do you get your etude prodcuts?!
yeah. . It's been a while ey? πŸ˜€ Bought it online! 😊 (ebay or amazon)