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I hate to break it to those who haven't seen it yet.. but i can't keep the excitement to myself.. so she is her.. how i met your mother's biggest deepest secret.. and it's out.. she is.............. idk... doesn't she look like lily a lot? or more like a cross between lily and robin? she's cute but i would have preferred some one more prettier for Ted.. atleast after all these years of patience.. what's your take?
@carlosdang yes.. the musical version
did you guys see the episode???
Once the musical version? I don't think I saw her in the film.
She's in once.. she's actually kind of "hipster-y" but i like it! :D
I like her. I mean I was really shocked cos I didn't prepared at all for the revelation but then BAM, there she was. She looks plain, simple and cute - the type that I can see Ted actually settling down with so I'm quite ok with her. Let's see how the supposedly greatest love story turns out.