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Alright, so Here we have it! a tag team match between four assassins! (yes, Kenshin was an Assassin, so I'm including him as one) We have The Black Widow and Speed O'Sound Sonic (one punch man), up against the White Canary and Hitokiri Battousai, aka Himura Kenshin!
Our Setting: The Justice League Space Station Prep Time: 3 days Allowed forms of combat: All Direct, face to face forms of combat Weapons allowed All Fighters ready to kill. Let's Do this! @InVincybll @Shannonl5 @Danse @VoidX @MadAndrea @TylerDurso @TiffanyWallace @LAVONYORK @Ninjamouse @Matsumoto Please tag anyone you feel would pitch In! Thanks!
this is tough. I love kenshin, and if the battousai is ready to kill, then everyone will die. but I also love sonic and black widow. Sonics ninja speed might be even faster than kenshin so it could be an interesting fight. still I think I stick with the battousai
mostly because I've seen Black Canary loads of times and haven't seen White Canary except in rare occasions a good while back.
See that's what I thought, I knew she was familiar but I just couldn't place her XP
@MichaelOgg White Canary is a DC character, and the main enemy of the Black Canary. Wikia would be helpful, if you wanted to look for her.
I don't know 2 of them well enough to give a proper answer XP Still have very little knowledge of one punch man lol and who's white canary?
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