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~~~ WARNING!! SOME CHAPTERS WILL BE SMUT OR HEAVY LANGUAGE (nothing violent but just a lot of curse words)~~~
~~~ This is dedicated to @Luna1171 because she's a hardcore Marksonian and I think she deserves this very much!!! ❀❀~~~
They were always together; eating, sleeping and even on the plane. They never told nobody their huge secret except for their band members and sometimes felt really guilty for hiding so much.
They always had fun and amazing times, romantic times and sometimes very steamy moments too. They held hands almost every time they were together. When they are crowded by fans or staff members, they were slick enough to hold fingers or be extremely close to each other. They always showed affection towards one another and when they do the slightest gesture of romance, they would always smile and laugh at their antics.
Until, nothing happened, at the worst moment, they had fallen apart. They were not together anymore and every time they stared at each other...... one would look away while the other still holds the eye contact.
They had broken up due to fans making speculations about the both of them dating and they knew that if the fans took it any further, sooner or later there will be articles and an infinity of questions will be thrown at them.
They stayed as friends and talked all the time, but, there was no body interactions; no holding hands, no back or neck hugs...... just staring and weak smiles. Pretending that everything was ok between them was harder then not having the habit of trying to kiss each other and stopping before anyone could see or make anymore trouble for themselves and the rest of the group. They had to deal with trying to control their anxious ambitions. They knew that if they got back together or did the slightest extreme interaction, the time bomb will blow and probably ruin their careers.
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