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So I finished another KDrama! Review timeee!!!!

What It's About

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is the story of a high school rock band dealing with friendship, rivalry, romance and a passion for music. Byung Hee is the crazy, free-spirited leader and vocalist of the popular underground rock group, Eye Candy. Rounding out the band are Ji Hyuk, the chic Hyun Soo, playboy Ha Jin, silent Do Il and baby-faced Kyung Jong. When their troubled high school is forced to shut down, the band debates whether it's even worth returning to school at all. However, due to a growing rivalry with their new school's current ruling band, Strawberry Fields, Eye Candy decides to attend Jungsang High out of spite, and try to rule the school once again.  Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is a music drama like you've never seen before; relentless and highly stylized, these flower boys aren't out to be your friendly, neighborhood idols. Lee Min Ki takes a break from his real-life rock career to return to television. He's joined by Kim Myung Soo, better known as "L" from the popular K-Pop group Infinite, Sung Joon ( Lie to Me ), and Yoo Min Kyu.

My Reaction

Okay, I love this drama. Like seriously. The drama is so emotional (big shocker), but it really hit me in the heart. When I cried, it wasn't because I was sad about a situation that is seemingly horrible, but something I'd never been through. I would cry because it was a situation that I had been through, roughly experienced, or was something that I feared going through with my friends. I connected with a lot of things like their passion for their music, love for each other, and the hurt they'd go through friendship wise.

Recommend Or Nahhh

I would completely recommend! This drama actually had a lot of realistic elements in it that the average person could relate to.
Alright guys! Another drama down! Currently, I'm watching To Be Continued and I'm pretty sure I'll finish it within a few days because the episodes are short and I don't have too much to do. I could finish it in a day, but school work (which sucks because it's the weekend). Anyways, bye! See you when I review another drama which, like I said, will probably be in a few days, maybe a week. Muah!