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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Set! Let's Go~

Today's pick: "Black Butler Season 1"!

Monokuro no Kisu (Type A & Type B) by SID

If you have watched "Kuroshitsuji", you know these guys. In the anime, pretty much the first season, their song is the one you'll listen to first. At first I thought they used the same song for the whole first season, and the problem was that I didn't notice the lyrics were different until later. Type A is used for the first 15 episodes and type B is used for the rest. They are pretty similar with a few changes in the tunes and, of course, the lyrics. Even though they sound similar, it doesn't take any of the awesome-ness out of either of the songs. SID has also performed songs for "Bleach" and "Full-Metal Alchemist".

Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box by Taku Iwasaki

I'm gonna say it right away... Taku is a God! I mean there is no otaku who hasn't listened to AT LEAST one of his soundtracks. He has been in the industry since we were just learning to walk and some of you were not even born. Taku has composed memorable and unique soundtracks for animes such as: "Rurouni Kenshin", "Getbackers", "Ben-To", "Akame ga Kill" and even "Noragami (both seasons)". He has become a legend for us anime lovers and without a doubt, his music will always make the animes even better.

I'm Alive (Ending #1) by Becca

I cannot get enough of this song! Becca is an American singer but her career started in Japan (pretty cool!). The is addicting but the MV makes it memorable. The song combined with the cute characters which is a very different approach from what Kuroshitsuji really is. I can safely say that I'm not alone when I say, this song kept me going for all those nights even though I was tired AF. Unfortunately, This is pretty much the only anime song she has in her repertoire which is very pretty weird given she has a powervoice that fits with anime.

Lacrimosa (Ending #2) by Kalafina

A fine group with a pretty decent reputation in the anime world with songs for "Aldnoah.Zero", "Kara no Kyoukai" and "Mahou Shoujo Madoka". Their music style is very elegant with the company of orchestra with angelic vocals and choruses and it fits perfectly with Kuroshitsuji. It is even better with the fact that it was perfect for the second half of the series. You will listen to more of their songs in Season 2 and Specials for the anime.

Great songs for a masterpiece of an anime, do I need to say more?

Listen to your heart's content~

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@RaquelArrendondo Yeah~ Pretty damn good! @OtakuDemon10 Right, I didn't noticed until recently, somehow I missed that when I first watched it even though I'm an anime music freak lol @Tomoki I would but I don't really make cards about one anime that often but if I do I'll make sure to tag you!
Actually, the opening for season 1 is the same song, just different verses (I have the full version and I love it!) Some very good music in this anime!
I love this song(the opening)!! It's my favorite song from SID :D
can u guys tag me next time you do black butler