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Yay im participating in Feel Good Friday! Heres some of my favorite feel good anime quotes! Tell me which ones your favorite from my list and then what are some of your personal favorites.
-Soul eater this is one of my buddies favorite quotes
-The world god only knows
-Assassination Classroom I heard theres ganna be another season!
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Gurren Lagann
-Gurren Lagann (again) Kamina has so many good quotes I couldn't just choose one. This ones probably the most complicated. I have to say he was one of the most inspirational anime characters.
And last but not least Gurren Lagann.. again. My all time favorite anime quote was in the beginning of this show when kamina says "your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens" I think i might put that on a T-shirt
Alright guys so I hope you liked my quotes. Which one of mine did you like best and what are your all time favorites? Feel free to comment! Thanks see you vinglers tomorrow! (Closing picture: SankaRea)
I love Maka and Kekashi's quotes
gurren laggan is on of my favorite anime
all of them are amazing
@JosiahQuick yes me to
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