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You look at you're phone to see over 30 missed calls from Taehyung and over 50 messages begging you to let him explain him self. "I can't believe he did this to me." You say as you turn off you're cell phone. "What happened to the times when he told me he loved me... when he said he couldn't live without me... When he told me he needed me..." You say as you clench your fist fighting back tears. "Hes probably promising that to someone else now... Damn shit." Yoongi's words struck you're heart like a knife. "Im sorry Y/N I shouldn't have said that.." He said as he sat by you. "No your just telling me the truth." You mumble. Yoongi grabbed your hand as he pulled you up. "We should get going its getting dark and the streets are dangerous especially since you're with a celebrity..." He said. "I know you probably don't want to go home right now so lets just stay at a hotel." Yoongi smile. You look at Yoongi sharply. "What are you thinking Min Yoongi?" You say seriously. "Nothing bad I promise ill sleep on the floor." He smiled. You felt a little uneasy. "I dont think Tae-" " Im sorry but I dont think you and Tae are together anymore." Yoongi sais cutting you off. "So it shouldn't be a problem besides its not like you get me all sex crazy." He joked. "Okay.. only because your buying pizza." You joked. "What! But im broke." Yoongi whined. "Min Yoongi you are very cheep." You say as you look at him in disapproval. "Alright fine ill pay." He said with a Smile. "Wow!!" You say as you walked in to the hotel. "Its so beautiful!" You say as you looked at the beautiful Chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. "Ok were on floor 23 room 13." Yoongi smiled as he held up the key card. "Oh 23rd floor?" You said as you looked at the elevator. "Yea.. Wait are you scared of heights?" Yoongi asked. "No not heights .. Elevators." You say hesitantly. "Don't worry you'll be ok im with you ." Yoongi smiled as he grabbed you're hand .You watched as the elevator doors opened Yoongi gently pulled you in. You watched as the buttons lit up from floor to floor you sighed in relief as the opened on your floor. " "See I told you." Yoongi smiled. "Room 13 ... room 13." He said as you both walked down the hall. "Here it is." he said as he swept the key through. "Are you ready to see? " He smiled as he opened the door. "Whoa." You said looking at the black and red walls of the bed room. You notice the shower was see through and a wall of glass stood between the bed and the shower area. "You've got to be Kidding me." You said as you pointed to the wall. "Dont worry its just for a night." Yoongi said. "Babo we're still covered in flour and frosting." You say was you point at his face."That and we brought no extra clothes." You say as you slump on the ground. Dont worry I have an extra shirt under my shirt Iv been warring two since its been getting alittle cold." He said. You watch as Yoongi took off the apron you looked at the long shirt he had on. Is it as long as that one? You asked."Yea." He smiled. "Okay." You said hesitantly. You felt uncomfortable showering with the glass walk but the four was making your skin itch like crazy not mention around your eyes you knew Yoongi probably felt the same way judging my the way he scratched his cheek and neck. "You shower first. Yoongi said as he took off his shirts you looked away as he handed you his clean one. "I wont look I promise." He said as he turned on the T.V. "Okay." You said as you headed towards the bathroom. You looked at Yoongi as you took off your clothes hoping he wouldn't look. You where amazed Yoongi kept his word the entire time. You put on your underwear and his shirt after drying your body you looked at your pants that where full of flour. "Damn it." You mumble. Luckily the shirt just barely covered you."At least it covers my underwear." You say hesitantly. "Are you done!?" Yoongi asks. "Yea." You say as you pick up your clothes. "My turn." Yoongi said as he headed towards the bathroom. "Just put your clothes there ill have someone pick it up for cleaning." He said as he looked at you. "Okay." You said. "You should've told me." Yoongi said as his face turned bright red. "W-What?" You asked as you pulled his shirt alittle lower tring to cover your bottom alittle better. His face got even reader. "D-Dont do that its a V neck." He said as he quickly looked away. You looked down to see you cleavage . "Oh my gosh im so sorry!" You said as you let go. "Im going to shower dont look." He said as he quickly closed the bathroom door. You sat down and turned you cell phone back on. There was no new calls and no new message. You wanted to call him but you knew you couldn't you knew he would start yelling at you for running out... worst of all you knew it was over. You threw your phone on the sofa that came in the room it was white and looked really soft. "I guess Yoongi has a soft place to sleep after all." You mumble. You got in bed trying not to look towards the bathroom. You closed your eyes as you thought about Taehyung. You felt an arm around you pulling you in closer you can feel a soft warm breath hitting the back of you're neck. You quickly opened your eye's remembering you weren't at home with Tae. "Y-Yoongi? It that you? " you asked. You slowly tured around to finde Yoongi sound asleep holding you. You look at his shirtless chest then quickly looked at you're you still had his shirt on. You watched as he struggled to open an eye. "Is it morning already?" He asked with one eye open. "What happened last night?" You asked. "You where crying in your sleep so I came over to hug you and asoon as I did you stopped I didn't mean to fall asleep." You said as he closed his eyes. "You're comfortable so five more minutes." He said as he held you tighter putting his leg between yours fixing you to where you're head laid on his chest. "Please.. Don't move.. stay like this just for s bit longer its very comfortable." He asked You jumped as you quickly out up with out realizing it you had fallen asleep on his chest. "Yoongi its time ylto get up." You said as you looked at the time. It was 1:30 p.m. Yoongi Yawned as he stood up you noticed he was only in boxer's. "I have to call room service to bring our clothes up." He said as he grabbed the room phone. "Who's going to answer the door wen they come up?" You asked. "I will" He replied. You watched as he called. "They said they will be right up." Now ill call Namjoon to pick us up. He said as he pick up his cell phone. You looked out the window . "Wow it looks so beautiful." You say . "It is huh." Yoongi said as he walked up by you. " How about we play a game while we wait." Yoongi suggested. "Ok what game?" You asked. " Ispy." He smiled. "We'll use things we see out of the window." "Okay." You agree. After about 20 minutes of playing a knock came at the door. "I got it." Yoongi said as he headed for the door. You watch as the door flungg open "Calm down!" Namjoon yelled as he grabbed Taehyung Who had knocked Yoongi down after pushing the door open."What the hell!?"Taehyung Yelled as he looked at Yoongi who was in boxer's and You who only had his shirt on. "You whore!" Taehyung yelled. "You fucking whore!" "Shut up!" Yoongi yelled as he stood up. "Dont talk to her like that you're the cheater here." Yoongi said as he pointed to Taehyung's neck. Taehyung clenched his fist in anger. "Asshole... You knew how much she ment to me!" Taehyung yelled as he Punched Yoongi in his face. " "You knew I wasn't cheating on her! You knew I was going with Jimin to go buy her a dog from his aunt who was in town!" Taehyung yelled."Oh yeah then why do you have a hickey why are you always extra nice to beautiful girls?" Yoongi asked as he whipped the blood from his mouth. You stood in shock was Taehyung telling the truth? Or was Yoongi? You clenched your fist. 'What the hell is going on.' You thought to your self. "Room service." You heard someone yell as they knocked.
Woah this is really good but that cliffhanger though you always hurt me with those (ಥ_ಥ) lol jk but yea it's good ≧▽≦
Holy shit it got intense. 😱
tag me please! can't wait to read the rest
Oh my lordy my emotions are everywhere. I'm so confused😫😫
tag please
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