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Welcome one and all to the 22nd chapter of my fanfiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! Whew! 22 chapters! I think this is my longest fanfiction ever! Thanks again to all of you!!
JJ took Raven's hand, leading her away from the crowd and into the castle. "Welcome home." he said softly, leading her through the dark water blue halls and to his chambers. They needed to talk. He smiled softly, looking nervous. He wasn't quite sure what she was gonna say. He never was with her. She was always surprising him. Raven looked around as she was pulled through the castle, eyes wide with wonder. He called this home?! Wow, and she thought she had it nice. She could only imagine living here. "So it never occured to you to tell me you're a prince, did it?" she asked, letting out a soft chuckle. She knew him well enough to know when he'd simply forgotten. It was one of his cutest qualities.
JJ blushed. "No, it never did... I kinda thought you knew, honestly." he admitted, shrugging his shoulders as he reclined on the couch across from her. His bedroom was huge. It was at least four rooms big, has it own bathroom, and a room with couches and and a large fireplace. Raven chuckled, giving him a kiss. "You're so funny Jamie." she admitted, stroking his cheek. She loved him, but was still to afraid to tell him she was pregnant. She had no clue how he would react to that. The truth was though, JJ would be overjoyed. he wanted to be with her and having kids was definately part of that plan. Raven shuffled a little as she sat next to him, playing with her hands. Shebwas suddenly nervous. "Jamie, what are your feelings on babies?" She asked curiously waiting for an answer before confessing her predicament.
JJ thought a moment, then smiled. "I love babies. why do you think I became a obstetrician and pediatrician?" he replied, giving her a kiss. He was curious as to why she would be asking, but he letbit go for the moment, opting to kiss her, as he laid a hand on her stomach. He could feel the vibrations as he kissed her, and when he pulled away, he had the largest and stupidest grin on his face. JJ quickly kissed her again, stroking her cheek. "My love, why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" his face showed his slight hurt, even though his eyes showed how happy and excited he was. JJ jumped up off the couch, his energy uncontrollable. "I'm gonna be a daddy!!" Raven simply smiled, watching him quietly. She was glad he was happy.
hahahaha so cute. JJs reaction is just perfectly cute. i would love this reaction lol
JJ loves her and has always wanted to be a daddy. This made his year.
Yay! I have some catching up to do :D
yep, 3 chapters, @shannonI5