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So it's about that time again that I come through with another card on saving some money with some pretty cool sites on all the beauty needs acessories and necessities and even those cool "peel lip glosses" that tint your lips for hours on end! So from brushes to brush cleansers mats, drying racks ,super cheap human hair and synthetic hair , to clip on wigs and dollar hair extensions, gel acrylic nail sets, UV lamps, jewelry, flowers, furniture and accessories! The list goes on,Think it, they have it. I almost forgot clothing for men,women and children. Sizes varies, but when you see the clothes, always check out reviews, it'll give you an idea of just right, too small or to large. That's mainly on the Wish. com app stated above, Choxi is more uniformed and based in the US. ______________________________ Between &, these two apps and sites are made for a budgeter like myself and maybe even you reading. 1). or app: is based out of Korea in Far East companies that pretty much allows you to be trendy and stylish, shop on a penny budget without paying a large amount. Just a hefty amount of a whole dollar bill. Lol, believe me, you really want to shop around on this site first, the only thing you have to look forward to is a.2to3 weeks delivery because it's coming from overseas , but the awesome part is shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg it's usually just a dollar or two , wont be paying custom charges here , in all the products that you get are equality , and I mean Quality. Anything that you are looking for, you can search for it in the search engine and I'm sure it'll pop up with no surprise to the barely nothing prices.
2). or app, formanly know as this has to be my absolute favorite not because of the prices but because of the quality and the amount in the abundance of things that you can count for practically nothing. They have sterling silver rings sterling silver necklaces sterling everything from between $5 to $20. You can't beat that. and to the ladies who love winter boots they have the boots, and I mean the cutest boots I've ever seen, if you're a ugg boot fan, guess what they have those too, but large sizes go fast, also for my full figured females they carry full figure clothing wide width shoes and plus size apparel such as undergarments Spanx and girdles. Now for my tech freaks they have so many good deals on electronics that you just have to check it out for yourself and if you have an iPhone or a tablet or a lover , they have those too and not the generic brands either.
so that's it for this card, you'll just have to go and check out these apps or online sites for yourself I hope you enjoyed and if you have any ideas or any inquiries I'm pretty sure I'm done it and that was about to do it, you can always give me your two cents.