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Then you turn them to stone
@MadHouseRomance thats some crazy stuff right there
Drug and drag that person to a soundproof basement, begin with removing the fingernails, toenails, then fingers one by one, but at their joints so it lasts longer, same with toes, then cook food for him to stay alive, but for it to be his own fingers, and then shave him bald. tear clothes off. draw all over them. poison them. let them sit in their own feces. show them pictures of people they love and lie and tell them i killed them all. then put candles under them so they slowly burn their skin while they are chained. After the fhird day i will give them two options. do you want to try and live or do you want to kill yourself. If they choose to kill themselves, i will put a dull knife against the wall for them to knock their head againsy. If they want to live, i will continue to tear at their body and mentally torture them. Every day i will ask them the same question. Do they want to live or kill themselves. Of course before they die, I would tell him my reason for killing him. You hurt the only person in the world i love. There is no amount of earthly punishment that would suffice for that sin. You may now endure the wrath of hell. .... however.... if they really want to live and made it through the castration and skin charring, i would eventually have my want for revenge quinched. If i felt generous, I would allow him to live since he withstood so much for so long. I would drop him off into the woods....after cutting his tongue, gouging his eyes, and turning him deaf. He would be alive with the last task of making it out of the woods, unable to see, unable to hear, unable to talk, and only able to feel pain from all his cuts and burns from the previous month of torture. He will die in the wilderness or live, his last images being the dark stone walls of my basement and his blood flowing on the floor. The last thing he hears would be the karma behind his torture, forever echoing in his mind. Would he be able to feel anything again after being burned to a crisp? That is the only amount of mercy I can allow someone who hurts the only person i genuinely love.
what I want to do to the person I hate most is too graphic to share.